ERA Dance Academy
No.5B-2 Jalan Raya Timur Kawasan 1,
Pusat Bandar Klang, 41000 Klang,
(opp to Klang KTM Station)

The fascination for Indian dance all over the world is indicative of the deep-felt need to use the human body to express and celebrate the great universal truths. Indian dance does just that in a heightened, reverential form. Also, since Indian dance is physical and visual, it illuminates India's culture in a direct manner, playing on the sensibilities of the onlooker. That is what ERA can create and produce for our audiences. Endless Rhythm Alaigal (ERA) was established in January 1992 in Klang with 10 dancers. Since its beginning, the group has grown in strength and spread its wings throughout the Klang valley. ERA dance academy is one of the most leading dance academies in Malaysia. From the year of its establishment, the number of members has increased to more than 40 dancers. As the year grows, the dance academy is enriched with new ideas, concepts, techniques, energy and skills of dancing. It is one group with a vision of the future; a group of whose success is built on teamwork, creativity and desire to rise to any challenge.

During its first years, the academy has faced many problems and difficulties but it didn't stop their dream from growing and they strived together to overcome the problems they faced. Mr. Abdul Razak, the group's manager and Mr.Indran contributed a lot of effort to this dance academy and their ability to manage the organization with such confidence has proven the success of the group. He also leads the group with leadership quality and holds the group together as a family of dance. Behind the scenes, Mr. Indran the choreographer, plays the biggest role of putting things in place to make the dance colorful, exciting, exhilarating, and yet fruitful. He also has numerous choreography experiences throughout his years of dancing and choreographed a vast number of extravagant shows in Malaysia and is well-known for his emphasis on 'lead and follow' techniques and also loves to demonstrate to his students. He also enhanced the felicity of the group by spreading his knowledge and coordinating any particular dance with finesse with the help of Mr. Karan.